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WGA: 2219143

Love is often said to be blind, and Brielle ‘Bri’ Smith knows firsthand that love can hurt coming from the wrong man. Despite this knowledge, Bri and her best friend, Terri, applied to and were accepted to an Jacksonville College, a top HBCU, were eager to take on college life and all the challenges it carried. It didn’t take long before her natural beauty caught the eye of a local spoken word artist. However, her lack of experience with love made his ' tough love' seem normal. 


Despite her friends' warnings, Bri couldn't bring herself to leave him alone and continued to make excuses for his behavior. Soon Bri must choose whether her love for him is more important than her love for herself. Will she continue to be blinded by love or will she emerge as a survivor?

Main characters:

  • Brielle Smith

  • Trevon Pinkney

Supporting characters:

  • Dequan Williams

Extras w/speaking lines:

  • Terri Franklin

  • Dontae Pollard

  • Tank 

  • Geno

  • Julie Smith

  • Dave

  • Tony 

  • Dr. Noman

  • Triage Nurse Jones 

  • Police Officer 1 

  • Coach Daniels

  • Coach Antoinette 

  • Professor 

  • Looney Tunes, Party Host 

  • Professor Guiseppe

  • Mr. Jamison

  • Sherika

  • Dreka


First read by this Author and I am blown away. This book is a very realistic view of domestic violence. Brielle "Bri" Smith goes off to college with her best friend,Terri, and they are ready to go take on new adventures as well as make new memories. Terri, having started to experience life back in High School, was a little more advanced than Bri. Bri was smart and ambitious, but because her Mother had been in prison for the majority of her life part of her soul was wounded and broken. Four Tre, a popular spoken word artist on campus, find Bri early on....being that he was also broken he recognized that in her and preyed on it. Bri lost her virginity to Tre...and later on down the line her self worth as well. This is a great read especially for high school students or college freshmen. Love isn't support to hurt.

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